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Choosing "Always Activate" will skip this dialog box and automatically use the Java plugin whenever it is called. Java contains a security hole that can lead to a malware infections such as Flashback on the Mac. A security patch to close this vulnerability on Leopard and earlier versions of the Mac operating system patches for Java on Snow Leopard and Lion have been released.

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For Leopard and earlier Mac operating systems, Apple is suggesting that users disable Java to better protect their machines Apple Page on Flashback. Pages Blog. Page tree. Please treat all of our volunteers with respect. Please treat me with respect.

I'm not stupid. I asked a question and I expect either an answer to the question, or no answer at all.

Why does my Firefox not have a Java plug-in?

Thank you for your efforts and let's hold this till tomorrow while we read and reread the question. Note to ComputerWhiz: I did that already. After I renamed the file, the Java preferences icon did not appear in the System Preferences window. Then I reinstalled the JRE from the downloaded file.

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No help. What should I tell the Java support team? That I don't know why Firefox doesn't recognize their plugin? It would help if I could get the information I asked for: OK, I put in a user comment on the Java website. Meanwhile, Safari warned me that a future release will disable Java. Apparently our technology is falling apart of its own weight.

Soon we'll be writing each other letters and sending them by post. Post office revenue will increase and the price of a postage stamp might even go down. Congress will rush to bring the Post Office back into the government so the Treasury can absorb the excess revenue. Guessing the answer to my original question: I just restarted in safe mode, and I still don't have the plugin, so it isn't in my startup apps.

Firefox: Enable Java and JavaScript

My next guess is that some preference file is messed up. Support Forum.

This thread was archived. Please ask a new question if you need help. Chosen solution P. In the "Firefox Info" window, make sure the box in front of "Open in bit mode" is not selected Read this answer in context 6.

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True plugin. The QuickTime Plugin allows you to view a wide variety of multimedia content in web pages. For more information, visit the QuickTime Web site. Shockwave Flash Application User Agent: Helpful Reply My bank's website isn't working with firefox after their new design. Helpful Reply Here's a screenshot of the website and the message I'm getting.

You can try these steps in case of issues with web pages: You can reload web page s and bypass the cache to refresh possibly outdated or corrupted files.