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There are two ways to import photos that are already on your Mac and on external drives: Drag the selected item into the body of the Photos window or onto the Photos header in the Source List. The pictures are automatically imported and are added to your Photos Library.

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Keep in mind that when you drag and drop files or folders, you are copying the photos to your Photos Library. A copy of the photograph still remains in the original location on your Mac or external device. You can delete either the original copies or the ones you put into Photos without affecting the others. The folder or pictures you selected show up in the Source List under the Import header.

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The lone image is immediately imported into the library and displayed in the Last Import album. Just as with importing from a device, you can choose to import only selected items or import everything by clicking the respective buttons. When importing from the File menu you also have the option to cancel the import by clicking the Cancel button. After you choose to keep or delete the photos from your camera, you are taken to the Last Import album.

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You can always find it under the Albums header. The Last Import album shows you all the photos from your last import, no matter whether your last import was three days or three years ago. See All Related Store Items. Hidden Source List If you have the Source List hidden, a new Import button displays in the toolbar at the top of the screen. Turn Your Camera On!

First you must locate the iPhoto Library file, which should be located in your Pictures folder. Open a new Finder window by clicking on its logo in the dock.

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Click on the Pictures folder in the left-hand sidebar. Inside the Pictures folder , click on the iPhoto folder. Here you will see the iPhoto Library file.

If you have chosen where to move the Library folder, connect that external hard drive or other storage peripheral now. The external or other drive will appear in the Finder window in the left-hand column. This copying process may take a few minutes depending on the size of your iPhoto library.

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The iPhoto folder will now appear on your external drive. Close the Finder windows and locate the iPhoto application in your dock or Applications folder.

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A pop-up window will appear asking you to Choose Photo Library. Click Choose Library…. The browser window will appear.