Change printer presets mac mountain lion

Where is the "page setup" in TextEdit?

Apr 24 '13 at 2: Found it! Page Setup is under the File Menu.

How to use printer presets in macOS

This is honestly something that just has to be fixed in OS X. Your first step is to try printing to. Failing that test, I would reinstall the O. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Sign up using Facebook. Sign up using Email and Password. No need to do this.

Adjust the default preferences of my printer driver (Mac OS X or greater) | Brother

Simply select to print and then select the Preset you want to modify from the drop menu. If it is just a checkbox, then put a tick in it.

You should have the option to select it. Presets don't lock you out from making changes.

How to Change Print Preferences in Mac OS X

They simply set the print dialog to your preferred settings. It just gives the user easy access to the same setting that Apple deems to be important enough to replicate it to the default page ie Copies and Pages. Now it does not matter which setting you use, enabling one will enable the other. But you should be able to enable then with the Preset for one sided selected.

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And after enabling the Two Sided setting, you should then be able to re-save this Preset with the new setting. You certainly do appear to have some issue with the print dialog. As a Windows and Mac user, I don't see the Mac print dialog providing any less function or being more complicated than what Windows offers. Maybe in your attempt to simplify your usage you are actually overcomplicating things?

If you find that you still cannot edit an existing Preset then it may be easier to delete it and then create a new one. I would also suggest that you just create a few Presets for the most common print outputs you require. If you have a Preset for every type of print output that you could ever want, then you are definitely making too much ongoing work for yourself. Page content loaded. May 7, 7: May 8, 9: May 8, 4: If you had the same printer driver for all the printers on the Mac, then you would save the preset for All Printers.


But since the settings for one brand of printer are often different to the settings or menus for another brand of printer, you often have to save the preset just for a particular printer. Where you could save a preset for All Printers would be for the Apple provided menus, ie the application page where you select the number of copies, Layout and Paper Handling.

The Print Presets menu is an often overlooked way to keep your print settings organized and set defaults. If it is, you can uncheck that box, and the last preset you used remain in place. If Default Settings appears when you bring up the Print dialog, you can select Last Settings Used from the Presets menu to revert to those previous settings, too. You can also review all the settings associated with each preset, including defaults, by selecting Show Presets from the Presets menu and then selecting presets at left and clicking expansion triangles in the associated categories at right.

To reduce toner and ink, I have presets that rely on draft, black and white, and two-sided as available on my printers.