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Sign in or Open in Steam. Includes 31 Steam Achievements. Ultimate Chicken Horse Genre: Action , Casual , Indie Developer: Share Embed. Add to Cart. Bundle info. Add all DLC to Cart. A Monkey character, new blocks, new levels, and customizable rule sets are all included in our new free update, out now!

Check out the trailer below. About This Game Ever wish you were a wall-jumping, arrow-dodging, trap-setting horse, besting your animal pals in a race through a peril-laden obstacle course that you all built together?

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Wish Granted! Ultimate Chicken Horse is a party platformer where you and your friends build the level as you play, placing deadly traps before trying to reach the end of the level. If you can make it but your friends can't, you score points! Play online or locally with your animal buddies and experiment with a wide variety of platforms in all sorts of strange locations to find new ways to mess with your friends.

Join us on Discord Key Features Online and local play for up to 4 players Unique game flow, from strategic block placement to twitch control platforming 13 levels with different features Build and share custom levels Compete for global best times on Challenge levels across all platforms Huge library of blocks to create an infinite variety of levels Customizable rule sets and game modes Shared controller mode to play multiplayer with one controller or keyboard Play as a chicken, horse, sheep, raccoon and other wonderful animals Fun, cartoony art style Sweet funky soundtrack Please note: Challenge levels can be created and played alone, but unlocking characters and levels requires playing one of the main game modes like Party Mode which are only multiplayer.

System Requirements Windows. Version 9.

Broadband internet is required for online play. Windows 7 or later Processor: Dual Core 2. Mac OSX SteamOS , Ubuntu With his prized mountain curs and a deadeye--if unorthodox--shooting style, English drops plus squirrels a year. And if you think that's good, just wait till you try his squirrel chowder.

25 September, 2018

Two hundred yards away, on the far side of a veil of ash, hickory, and muscadine vine, a dog breaks into a steady, chopping bark. Mac English doesn't miss a beat.

Ultimate Chicken Horse: Squirrel Fight - EPISODE 4 - Friends Without Benefits

He gives a playful smirk. The question is directed at English's grandson Colby, who's having a hard time fighting off a grin of his own. He shakes his head, giving up the fight to keep a smile off his face. English, 77, is lean and wiry with a head of white hair that's easier to follow through the woods than the man himself.

He wears denim overalls and a battered hunting coat, and when his dog barks, it's time to go--but not until he's had a chance to rub somebody else's nose in the fact that his dog was first on the job. When you're hunting squirrels with squirrel dogs and the English clan of South Carolina's rolling, red-clay Piedmont, it's sometimes hard to say exactly what the quarry is: Comeback Story Once upon a time, squirrel dogs were as common in the South and Midwest as cotton gins and working mules. These small-to-middling-size breeds--mountain curs, treeing feists, Kenner curs, treeing brindles, and the like--were a family staple with pioneer roots.

They'd tree a coon or a squirrel, run a deer, run a hog. You couldn't get by without them. Such breeds are a part of American sporting literature as well. George Washington wrote about yellow cur dogs. Abraham Lincoln was a fan; a "short-legged fice" was hot in pursuit of bruin in his poem "The Bear Hunt. By the middle of the 20th century, however, most of these specialty hunters had nearly disappeared, and with them a small-game tradition with a storied past.

But what I find here is a full-blown squirrel-dog revival, particularly when it comes to the original mountain cur breed.

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In , four men who met through an interest in old-time mountain music formed a club to promote line breeding of original mountain curs. Today, the breed is recognized by the United Kennel Club, with dozens of breeders listed in the 49th annual yearbook of the Original Mountain Cur Breeders Association. There are now squirrel dogs from perhaps 30 breeders and bloodlines--a crazy-quilt mix of old-time mountain pride and modern demographics.

In fact, squirrel dogs these days are all about the future, as interest in these little hunters is growing by leaps and bounds.

Charleston Squirrels | SEMO ESPN

At first, line breeding for squirrel dogs was a mountain-hollow niche that involved a few old-timers determined to hang on to the past. No longer. The Internet has linked squirrel-dog fans into a community. Membership on the website Squirrel Dog Central has tripled over the last few years. In North Carolina, my buddy Robert Edwards, who's joined me on this hunt, waited three years for his treeing feist puppy. The dollars involved only strengthen the legitimacy of the trend: According to English, "a No.

And English is smack in the middle of it all, with a single-minded obsession with squirrel dogs, squirrel hunting, and the dying art of making a good squirrel meal. Retired for 22 years from his days working in the maintenance department at a nylon plant, he hunts as often as six times a week. Most years his hunting parties will take squirrels or better; his record is a staggering He's a major player in the comeback of the original mountain cur breed, and the star talent in a squirrel hunting video.

His phone rings 52 weeks a year with folks wanting a puppy, advice, or a guided day in the woods. And he's equally known for what comes out of his black cast-iron pots as for what goes in them: But right now there's a three-dog racket pouring out of the woods, and already young Colby is 50 yards into the trees.

English is right behind him, followed by his son Chad, grandson Chase, family friend Danny Southerland, plus Edwards and me. It doesn't take long to figure out that before I learn another thing about squirrel hunting with dogs the Mac English way, I'll first have to learn to keep up.

The Mac Effect Squirrel hunting with dogs barely resembles my boyhood passion of hunkering down under a huge oak and waiting for targets to appear. It's fast-paced and active, but something else is at work to bolster the future for these dogs, and that's the fact that squirrel dogs and squirrel-dog hunting are particularly suited to the exigencies of modern life.

With its offbeat level design Marina has to compete in an athletics event in one mission and decent boss battles, Mischief Makers achieved cult appeal at the time, but because it could be finished reasonably quickly, reviews were muted. The first military strategy sim designed by Civilization creator Sid Meier is recalled by fans of the genre, of course, but often overlooked in retrospectives of the famed game designer.

Set during the Cold War, the player is tasked with moving allied forces against Russia and its Warsaw Pact brethren as nuclear war threatens in the background. Like the later, and incredibly chilling Theater Europe, it captures the paranoia of the era, but Nato Commander also brings in political elements such as strikes in munitions factories or friendly nations inconveniently surrendering mid-offensive.

Designed by Earthworm Jim artist Doug TenNapel, this unusual claymation-based point-and-click adventure stars an amnesiac figure, Klaymen, who wakes up on a deserted world and must discover what the heck has happened. The animation is beautiful, the slowly unfolding narrative intriguing, and there's a great soundtrack by cult American songwriter Terry Scott Taylor. It was admired at the time, but nostalgic recollections of nineties adventures are now largely dominated by the great LucasArts titles, leaving The Neverhood skulking in their immense shadows.

There was a sequel, Skullmonkeys, and last year TenNapel ran a successful Kickstarter to fund a spiritual successor, Armikrog — although the right-wing views he has espoused on Republican opinion site, Brietbart, have caused controversy. Over-shadowed in its day by the mighty Commodore Amiga, the Atari ST computer had few of its own original titles to shout about. One of them, however, was this inertia-based shooter, which borrowed elements from sub-genre heavyweights Gravitar and Choplifter as well as Defender to tense and exciting effect.

The aim is to navigate a series of minimalist caverns in your dart-like craft, taking out enemies and rescuing robotic hostages — the eponymous Oids. A key appeal of the game is its taut fuel system: In between revolutionising the first-person shooter genre with Marathon and Halo , Bungie took some time out to update the third-person beat-em-'up with this cyberpunk action romp. Heroine Konoko stands alongside D'arci Stern from Urban Chaos as one of the great lost female protagonists of video gaming — a renegade cop with a devastating range of combat moves, an interesting back story and clothes that Arkham Asylum.

Everyone of a certain age recalls Britsoft favourites like Jet Set Willy, Skool Daze and Attack of the Mutant Camels, but many of the more nuanced classics are slipping from collective memory. Created by lone coder Chris Hinsley, Pyjamarama is a platforming adventure, starring loveable everyman Wally Week who has forgotten to set his alarm clock, and must now wander the house in a somnambulist state, looking for the key to wind it up. Like Jet Set Willy, it is filled with surreal puzzles and weird enemies, but in its detailed depiction of Wally's modest terrace home, it reveals one of the charms of early-eighties British games: Wally is so distraught about the possibility of losing his job at the car factory, he sleep walks his way to a solution.

Like the Monty Mole series, which made satirical references to the miners' strike, it says things about the country at that time. A social history in blocky sprites. True, the 3DO console was not a great success when it was launched as a hugely over-priced multimedia machine in And while its software library was let's say modestly populated, it boasted a few minor masterpieces.

One was this excellent two-player military sim, in which participants use their tanks, helicopters and jeeps to invade the opponent's base and capture their flag. It's sort of a cross between Advance Wars and Counter Strike, a mix of fraught action and sneaky thinking, and if it had been originally released on PC and PlayStation rather than ported over later, we'd probably still be playing sequels.

Western developers don't entirely own the open-world adventure genre.

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Designed by Climax director Kan Naito also responsible for the classic Shining and Landstalker RPGs , its a mission-based driving quest, in which points are earned by smashing up as much scenery and as many other road users as possible. Renamed Felony in the West and followed by a series of inferior sequels, it is as daft, hilarious and anarchic as you'd expect from a game that rewards you for driving a bus through a cafe. Visually stunning and filled with interesting stylistic flourishes, Shiny Entertainment's real-time strategy sim pitches warring wizards against each other in an exotic fantasy landscape.

With an emphasis on close combat rather than resource macro-management, the title was at odds with genre big-hitters like Command and Conquer and Total Annihilation. But it brought in its own packed menagerie of beasts, spells and weapons and the third-person action made the warring more immediate and exciting. Although critically revered, it sold poorly and is barely credited for its technical innovations — as Kieron Gillen later lamented in his retrospective essay on the game.

Although the PlayStation One era of fighting games was dominated by the showy Tekken series, there were a few more sophisticated outliers. Acquire's ninja stealth adventure, for example, is just about the most unforgiving combat game of the era. Players are slung into the bloody world of Feudal Japan with just a blade and a series of mission objectives. As with the Thief series, quietly sneaking about in the shadows and surprising enemies is the only way, because face-to-face fights can be ended with just one swipe of your opponent's sword.

Let's take a look back at 13 forgotten fighting games that should make a comeback!

Dark, complex and dripping in atmosphere, Tenchu was a sophisticated cult classic. A series of sequels followed but we haven't seen a new one in five years. It would come into its own on the PS4 or Xbox One. Naturally, the landscape changes in time to the music, but the key feature is that players are able to play their own CDs with the onscreen world reacting accordingly. Much fun could be had attempting the game with musical extremes, either speed metal or ambient house, and the concept was clever enough to get the game into Moma's design collection. Vin-Ribbon's eccentric creator, Masaya Matsuura, has often spoken about a modern update — with Sony now actively pursuing offbeat PS4 projects like Hohokum, it could be his time.

No one in the games industry does sleazy urban grit like Rockstar and this tie-in with the cult movie is one of the company's most under-rated titles. Following the events of the movie, players control the eponymous street gang is it makes its way through New York City to its Coney Island home base. Unlike the Grand Theft Auto titles, there's little in the way of open-world freedom, but this is more of a straightforward brawler, with a complex fighting mechanic and rollicking two-player co-op mode.

Typically for Rockstar there is also an amazing licensed soundtrack slinging in '70s disco hits to contrast the relentless violence; the company even brought back original cast members to voice their virtual representations. According to Kotaku , a spiritual success was planned, based around the mods vs rockers battles of '60s Britain, but sadly nothing emerged. Though successful in Europe, Sega's 8bit Master System console nose-dived in Japan and the US so this tough, multi-directional platformer has faded from memory.

Which is criminal because it is a tense, sprawling combination of Metroid and Impossible Mission, pitching the player into a maze-like enemy base looking for crucial diskettes filled with valuable information. Interestingly, every door in this place is locked so you have to explore each room, looking for code combinations to make progress.