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The T-Rax encoders come as large rack-mounted units made for professional users. Lastly, the Cube and VidiU lines are portable, camera-mounted encoders. They integrate network-bonding functionality with encoding for journalists and other users on-the-go. Features Teradek encoders come in a range of styles, with different options for different users. We offer 2 tutorials to stream with Teradek: VidiU and Cube. As we mention above, Mac OS does not support as wide a variety of live streaming software as with Windows.

Best Video Broadcast Software for Mac

However, OBS and Wirecast both offer solid video broadcast software for live streamers. Of course, you can consider less commonly used streaming apps for Mac as well. Thanks for reading! Do you do a lot of live streaming on a Mac? Which software do you use? Are you planning to stream live video on your website? Do you prefer streaming directly from your online video platform host instead? We love to hear from our readers, so if you have any questions or experiences to share, let us know in the comments!

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How to Choose the Best Video Broadcast for You Choosing the right video broadcasting software involves consideration of three main elements: Price Video broadcast software for live streaming varies widely in price. Types of video sources supported i. Number of video sources supported Support for non-camera sources. Support for chroma key e. Price OBS Studio is free. Features OBS has a fairly broad feature set, including the following: Easy connection to online video platforms i.

Best Live Video Broadcaster Software for Mac:

Price Wirecast offers two versions: Additional Wirecast upgrades are available, including: Premium support: Features Wirecast is a very capable application. Provide video and audio created by mimoLive as virtual camera and microphone to other apps on your Mac. This can be used to work with platforms that don't offer a direct way to ingest audio and video, such as Skype, Whatsapp or FaceTime. Syphon is an effective and low-resource way of sending the video created by mimoLive to other apps supporting Syphon or to other mimoLive documents.

Use ProRess to preserve transparency. Your audience loves video. The only problem is — it takes a lot of time and effort to produce. It's best suited to produce a lot of content really quickly. Its sweet spots are live streaming, news-style web shows, panel discussions, presentations and events. Get your message out in the most cost effective way. While mimoLive is extremely affordable, it gives you tools that rival the big broadcasters. Your show will be more alive, more interesting, more relevant. Using free video platforms such as YouTube or Facebook for distribution, it will reach more people than you ever thought possible.

We live in an incredible time. While in the past those who could afford the expensive technology and specialized crews where gatekeepers keeping you from spreading your ideas, with mimoLive, now you can build and run your own TV studio at home, in your school, church, company or organization, broadcasting whatever is important to you.

Learning how to use mimoLive is child's play — literally. Its logical and intuitive production workflow can be mastered by anyone from school kids to senior citizens in very short time. And yet it is so powerful, it also satisfies the broadcasting veterans wildest dreams. Buy Free Trial.

Use various webcams that are supported by macOS or come with a compatible driver for macOS. Applications who provide their content via Syphon can send their video directly to mimoLive. Display your Twitch chat feed in your video to preserve it for posterity.

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Display a news Ticker using the headlines from your blog or news site fetched by RSS feed. Enrich your game stream with a camera view, Twitch chat and other fun stuff. Key Benefits. No postproduction is best postproduction. Broadcast on a dime. Yes, you can just do it. Easy to learn, easy to master.

Key Features. Live Video Streaming. Add multiple camera angles, fancy graphics, and integrate with social media to make your stream stand out.

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Create portrait video streams or any other arbitrary format. Position, scale, crop and convert the format of video inputs to suit your output format. Graphics Machine. Graphical elements include text, images, standard lower thirds, station logos, news tickers, clocks, countdowns, background animations and more.

Data driven elements include sports scoring, weather maps, stock charts, Twitter feeds and more. Layers are highly customizable, allowing you to easily adapt your mimoLive template to your own CI look and feel. Create your own complex Layers, including application logic, for example to build entire gaming engines.

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This allows broadcasters to easily implement and test new ideas with very little investment. Key out green or blue screen or any background color you like in real time. Chroma Key Basic for situations where lighting is not perfect, for example at home or in the classroom. Chroma Key Pro for better results when lighting is more sophisiticated. Real time keying enables you to use chroma keying in live streams or to pre-visualize a video production for a client. Endless fun for kids! Record to Disk. Record in H.

Record in ProRes to preserve transparency in the alpha channel. Video Switcher. Built-in switcher supports up to nine video sources. Connecting all video sources directly to mimoLive gives you the ability to use multiple sources at the same time on screen, for example to display two or more camera angles simultaneously. Use mimoLive for easy play out of graphics and videos to the ATEM switcher or to add graphics to the video feed from the switcher and stream or record the resulting mix.

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SDI Playout. Integrate mimoLive in your existing broadcasting environment as a powerful graphics machine or video switcher. Play out video including the alpha channel via SDI through Blackmagic Design devices separated by key and fill signal.

We have created vMix Reference Systems that will allow you to build a vMix PC with specifications to match your production needs. We also have a list of available system builders that can create a system for you! Whether you are looking to produce big budget live concert productions, sporting events, Church services or small webcasts, then vMix is for you. Check out our Solutions page to see how vMix can fit into your workflow. For a full list of what is possible with vMix view our features page. Download a trial today and use a fully functional version of vMix for 60 days free of charge.

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