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You need a drive formatted fir NTFS. I only mean to say they add steps if you want a more advanced experience, either way thanks for the article!

Hey John — Your analysis sounds correct. You need a 3. Previous post: No Post Today. Next post: Looking For Something?

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Hi John, thank you for clarifying this for us all — extremely useful to know! Many thanks indeed!!!!!!

The computer in the living room: setting up a Mac mini media center

Guy Reply. Any idea? Mike Reply. All the best — John Reply. Hello Mr. Will that work?

How To… Get Digital Audio From Your Mac To Your Receiver | No Problem Mac | Call

Thanks in advance! John Reply. Thank you very much. You made my day. Glad to help — John Reply. B21 FYI: What did I miss here? Good luck — John Reply. It should be plug and play with options on one panel. Sincerely, John Chase Reply. Thanks, John Reply. Cancel reply Leave a Comment. No Post Today Next post: Call For On-Site Support While this provides you with more storage space, you have to wait while the content downloads or streams plus, if you have a data cap on your Internet usage, this can cause you to burn through that cap before the month is out. While a computer can be a terrific media player, one element has traditionally stood in the way of every media rack bearing something like the Mac mini: Convenient control.

We can manipulate AV receivers, disc players, high-definition TVs, and game consoles without shifting our keisters from the couch, but when we think of controlling a computer we all-too-often turn to a keyboard and a mouse or trackpad. A better option is Bluetooth input devices—keyboards, mice, and trackpads.

When placed snugly together, the two input devices become one unit, which can be used on your lap. If these devices still seem too bulky, you may instead choose to use your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad as a controller. One of a variety of apps can turn your iOS device into both a wireless keyboard and trackpad.

Paired with the mini, these apps let you control its interface much as you would with a real wireless keyboard and trackpad. Remote control is certainly one major challenge of using a computer as a media device. The other is making that control family-friendly.

About the box

For this reason you should simplify the interface as much as possible. My multimedia Mac mini. Ted Todorov. Wake me up when they start supporting 4k and for that matter 5K like the new iMac screen at 60 Hz or above. We may see a 4K capable AppleTV first Ted Todorov is offline. Last edited by chefklc; at Some more info out now: Apple released info about connecting 4K displays: This indicates a limitation in the graphics hardware on the mini Here is a teardown of the mini Late Originally Posted by wolfavs.

Ou8thisSN is offline. The choice of processors in the new mini seems to limit the graphics support to both HDMI 1. See enclosed chart. If Apple chose a H-series processor instead they would have been able to output x 60 Hz through Display Port. The current 2. HDMI 2.

How To… Get Digital Audio From Your Mac To Your Receiver

But with Apples current upgrade ambitions I am pessimistic Attached Thumbnails. FastMHZ is offline. I don't understand one thing about the HD audio support.

An automated home: the apple macmini as a home entertainment center Part 1

I have a Mac Mini that I just bought recently. For crying out loud, even movies that have PCM 5.

Dealing with discs

Has anyone submitted a radar to Apple about this? One other thing is Netflix. If it does and only does not support it for Mac because Apple does not, may be if enough of us submit radar feedback, they might do something about it. User feedback is important for Apple and not in forums. Direct through radar. Originally Posted by bommai. Last edited by virtualrain; at I submitted a radar bug report against this with Apple. Yet to hear back about the progress. No mention of it on the OS X side!

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