Mac pro ati radeon x1900 xt failure

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Ati x1900xt flashing problem

I have a pc edition xxt i flashed it with mac bios so i could use it on my mac pro intel. I just built a new pc but dont have the money to buy a new video card. Is there any way to flash the bios back to pc? When i put the card in my pc it does not even see that its there, the monitors don't even turn on for boot up. Any ideas?

Jul 6, 8, 0 31, You have to put in a PCI card or another video card along with the bad card and flash with the prior firmware. Mac Pro Model Identifier: MacPro2,1 Processor Name: Having seen the shared grief above, I count myself amongst the lucky ones. I have a Mac Pro1. Currently with 6Gb Ram, running 2 monitors although the secondary screen often takes ages to wake up. The question is what graphics card to run them all at native res x Having spent hours searching, advice is conflicting. You cannot have a second X due to power connections required.

I have seen reports of conflicts between the X and the GT, making this option unattractive. I am not aware of any single Mac compatible multi headed graphics card that can drive the 3 screens. I have failed to discover if I replace the X with the geforce GT, and add a second card what that should be either. The quadro FX does not seem to offer any advantage in this situation.

Main use is video intensive educational presentations, video and graphics editing, along with moderately large databases and spreadsheets. No gaming. Apologies for the long post. Any workable solutions welcome. What I get when I turn it on is a distorted white and light blue that looks like Windows Millennium Edition on safe mode.

Can you guys believe it? But of course you can! What Gives? I have a mac pro , and I have some issue with the Nvidia GT, after upgrading to snow leopard The screen now freeze and blinks and do all kind of wild lines. I have read that there are some driver issued with snow leopard latest release and the GT card. So be aware if you use Snow Leopard better keep with I run a lot of 3d aps,FCP and other graphic design programs and not issues as of yet.

I am also looking for another video card that will fit and be able to handle the load.. Ever since I moved up to I was wondering if anybody else has a similar graphics card combination and finds they are experiencing similar issues. That is — Apple want me to replace my system with their latest and greatest model.

Apple has sold their soul to the devil. Apple has narrowed its focus for its computers. Its sad.. I had a Mac Pro.. I recently replaced it with a Windows 7 box. I hate the errors and crashes I constantly get.. My wife had an iMac.. Some more research found that there are other, more recent cards that will also work in the Mac Pro as mentioned above.

Thanks to all who have contributed to this thread. Reading it contributed to helping me find a solution to my problem. It gets really dusty in there so I take it out dismantle it real easy and clean it good. I agree that the situation is ridiculous for a high-end machine, but Devil or not Devil, could someone please list the current March options for a Mac Pro, preferably compatible with the model 4,1, quad 2.

I need something more powerful than the GT for X-Plane.

Replacing the ATI XXT in a Mac Pro | Paul Joy – Freelance Filmmaker

Thanks a lot in advance. For instructions see: This thread is worth a read too: Hey Steve, can you describe in better detail the grease heat sink thing? I am willing to try anything to get a card to work. Does any one know how to Flash a graphics card in detail it seems like that is one of the answers to get a card to work in the Mac Pro. And if anyone near central FL can do it I will gladly pay to have it done. I have installed 3 cards all with no luck.

Removed jet engine from video card and installed heatpipe heatsink. No fans, just the heatsink. Fans are now running around rpm. Essentially the system is silent. Mighty fast it is at everything except HD video editing — but HD video editing was what I bought it to do, and waiting for renders you have time for resentment to take hold and fester and grow. A new video card, which I hope will run alongside the old one — then I buy Final Cut Pro X and the new version of Motion, and — finally — should get what I thought I was paying for 3 and a half years ago.

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You have to use converters. The was actually released in oktober So far I have yet to hear one positive thing about the new Final Cut apart from the price. FCPX — yeah I have read the reviews. Out with the old and in with the new I say. A simple interface does not simpleton software make — as the iphone proves. How many buttons? Making things easier is bound to irritate those who had mastered them being difficult!

I feel sorry for the old dinosaurs…. As for those FCP x reviews….. Just installed HD in my mac. I still have both monitors hooked up to my old card- even though the new one is in…. I just scrubbed out of one clip and into another and it just started to scrub through that one…. AND I can type here while a clip plays without freezing ou have to have used FCP previously to know it did that and how annoying it was.

FCP 10 stinks. Oh and remember — I started out very impartial and full of optimism. Color profiles behaved as expected in the icons and text areas, but were useless in picture areas such as the desktop background. A simple experiment shows this: When the slider is moved to 1. But look at the icons.

Even weirder things occur using Grab. The distinctions between differently generated screen regions implicates the graphics card. Color calbration is impossible both by the eyeball method and by instrumental methods. Or is there an incompatibility in that trio which should have been noticed by lots of users? It will help in the full appraisal of this graphics card and help in my trouble shooting if other users share their experiences, perhaps after repeating the simple experiment.

I have a Mac Pro running Windows 7 Pro 64 bit. I figured I would just order a card I wanted and be done. Has anyone tried putting a standard video card in to see if it works? I need to find something soon! Hey Robert, supposedly you can use a PC video card in your mac pro, you just have to keep the stock card in it.

Done with an injector from the hackintosh world, go to http: Supposedly a friend is using a gt 1gb in his mac pro, unaltered bios, with only an injector. I have more of a question than a comment. I recently acquired a Mac Pro 1. I attempted to connect a lcd projector to the auv dvi with an adaptor dvi -vga cord.

The MAc is not recognizing the projector. Can anyone offer assistance? Then you can install windows, linux, or hackintosh onto it and enjoy top of the line components. However, there are people that have put a lot of money into buying a Mac Pro and for them, being able to upgrade the video card is important.

Jay Roberts: Only one DVI can recognize signal from VGA, try to switch them, and look in the manual of the projector, your projector also have to recognize the signal.

Video card options for Mac Pro

Someone could set up a nice business flashing cheaper in terms of retail cards with efi and bios firmware… Seen some guys selling on Ebay mainly the 68x series. Apple didn't detail what card would be provided with the swap. In addition, the company said the exchange program "covers affected ATI X XT video cards three years from the original date of purchase or until January 31, , whichever provides longer coverage. Admins wanted for Mac Outlook setup survey.

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