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Ok, with your system backed up, there are two ways to accomplish the task at hand. First, you can give yourself an alias that can speed up login and password typing and second, you can actually change your short username. You can give yourself an account alias that is easy to type and can be placed on every Mac you use, no matter what your username or full name are listed as. Next, click the lock icon in the bottom left corner and enter an administrator password. Once the lock is unlocked, right-click on your account in the list and select Advanced Options.

How to Set Up File Share in OS X Mavericks

The downside to using account aliases is that while you get a quicker login name to use, shares and other items still use your original name. This is fine for many users, but if you actually want your login name changed, it takes a few more steps.

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Check out this post on instructions on enabling the root account in OS X. And unlock the lock icon in the bottom corner.

The simple approach: Use account aliases

Right-click on the account you want to change the name for and select Advanced Options. Quit the System Preferences application or choose a different System Preferences pane. To delete a user — in effect, to deny that user access to your Mac — select the user you want to delete in the list of accounts and click the — button.

Mac Tips Saturday-How To Change Name Of Your Home Folder

A sheet appears, offering three choices:. By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie Policy , Privacy Policy , and our Terms of Service. After updating a Interestingly, if I create a new user, the new user's icons appear as expected.

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Any ideas as to why this is happening, and how I can restore the default set of icons for this user? Restore the default icons 1. Go to the info view of each folder. Click at the icon in the top left corner 3. There is a solution to bring the folder icons back: Create a new user 2. Go to the user folder of the new user 3.

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Select the Documents folder 4. Open the Info view of the folder you created 7. Tap on the folder icon displayed in the top left corner, left to the Folder name It should be surrounded by a blue line 8. Do these steps for all folders in the users directory that have lost their icon Switch back to the user with the missing icons and paste the icons of the folders you created into the folders inside the users directory.

I hope that I explained these steps well enough.